Two kinds of parents: warnings and examples


I believe there are two kinds of parents: those ones who are an example and those ones who are a warning.

Who are you?

Who do you want to be today? Do you want to be an example? Do you want to be a warning?

Stand up!

Stop procrastination!

Take out of the drawer, those dreams of who you wanted to be, the remarkable life that you wanted to live and live it today

Be an example, if it is not for your children, if they don’t excite you enough, be an example to yourself;  that someone that you look in the mirror  and you are proud to see. Be an example that you are proud to follow everyday; that person you are proud to see, to hang out; that person who you love.

Stop being a warning!

Stop leading a life that doesn’t please you!

Take one step, one step, one tiny step every minute of the day.

Just ask yourself “what should I be focusing on right now?” and everything will change

You’ll let go of the cup of coffee and start drinking a glass of water.

You will let go of watching television and start being present for your spouse, for your children, for yourself.

You will let go of that video game and pick up that book on the subject that you always wanted to learn.

So what is it going to be?

Are you going to be an example?

I bet you will! You will not be a warning from now on.

You are example and a role model for the world!