The greatness of “not knowing”


What is your truth?

What do you really believe to be true?

You see, we’ve been discussing here behaving children, misbehaving children. How can we tell them that this is the way things should be? We don’t know. And you know, I’m tremendously excited about not knowing. And this is one of the greatest learnings that my children are giving me now. They keep exploring and they keep learning and they keep investigating and they don’t know and they start asking and they ask another question and they do not know and its fascinating. It’s exhilarating to learn.

Why this needs to be restricted to children? Why don’t we enjoy the exhilarating feeling of not knowing?

Let me ask you again: what is your truth? what is that you truly really know?

I invite you to question it: do you really truly know that?

Maybe you even want to make a list of the things that you are certain. You know Hemingway had this practice. He wrote everyday a thing that he considered true, something ture to him.  I’ve started playing with that idea and I’ve been ralizing that there are very few certainties. Everytime I try I come up with questions and expansion of the possibilities, of the opportunities is immense. I invite you to do exactly the same, if not for Hemingway, do it for your children. Ask yourself what do I really trully know?

Could it be possible that this is not true? Could it be possible to be different? What is this opening? What other doors are there? What opportunities are there? what is possible? Open yourself for opportunities and for learning.

Go and see life with the eyes of your children, the eyes of curiosity and the eyes of opportunity.

So what is true?

Is it really true?

Go and investigate, go and see and discover! Expand the possibilities! Enjoy and be excited about not knowing!