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Deborah McNelis – How To Boost The Brain Development Of Your Kids

The brain development of your child doesn’t need to be left to chance. You can be an active contributor in his well being. Imagine, contributing to his increased empathy, memory, intelligence, patience, will power, self discipline… Imagine a world full of empathic, loving human beings… AND you have the possibility of contributing to it. Our […]

Jane Bennett – How to celebrate the divine feminine in your daughter

Your daughter is a representation of the divine feminine. How to honor the divine feminine in her?How to honor her? How to guide her? How to connect with her during the teenage years? How to support her healthy self-esteem? Jane Bennett puts together her personal experience, her inner wisdom and her visionary stature to guide […]

Anna Sewald – Parenting without punishment

Is there a way to parent our children without punishment? Is there a way to listen to our heart in the midst of the challenges of parenting? Our guest this week, Anna Sewald, expands our repertoire of possibilities in guiding and honoring our gods, our children. In our conversation, she touches from – the power […]

Annie Chisambo – Teaching Kids About Money

How is your financial literacy? How is the financial literacy of your children? Annie Chisambo brings to our attention the importance and the ease of teaching financial literacy to kids. She is a mom of two teenagers and has worked in finance for over 20 years. She is author of money matters books. She also […]

Natanya Lara – Parenting as a Spiritual Journey

Natanya is a coach who works with mothers to discover and embody their authentic parenting path. She has experienced many different facets of motherhood: being a stay-at-home mom, a full-time working mom, an entrepreneur mom, a married mom, and a solo mom, all of which has deepened her understanding of what motherhood can become. Through […]