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O Fred Donaldson – Original Play, Ultimate Grace

O. Fred Donaldson, Ph.D.  is a play specialist internationally recognized for his ongoing research and use of play with children and animals for forty years.  He has coined the term “original play” to describe his work.  He has written the book Playing By Heart and over 40 articles describing his play with children and animals […]

Amethyst Wyldfire – You are a messenger

Today’s parents have a challenging task: be role model for the most critical audience ever, their children. Today’s parents are challenged to lead a radically conscious life, a love based life. There is no other way to parent their children. Amethyst Wyldfyre shares with us how she empowers people to own their call as messengers. […]

Sally Edwards – How to talk to your children, so that they open their heart

Sally Edwards is a single mother to 10 year old twins, who offer her the challenge of keeping up with their insatiable curiosity and constant questioning. Alongside mothering she is also an entrepreneur and runs a growing business teaching English to children in Dutch primary schools. Sally admits that she has grown into the idea […]

Communicate with your little one before words are available

  Lepa Todorova is the founder of Baby Signs Belgium. She is an independent certified instructor of the Original Baby Signs program.  She shares with us her passion and expertise on this program. Original Baby Signs Program is a systematized way to help children communicate through sign language. In fact it’s intended for children who […]