Sally Edwards – How to talk to your children, so that they open their heart

Sally Edwards is a single mother to 10 year old twins, who offer her the challenge of keeping up with their insatiable curiosity and constant questioning. Alongside mothering she is also an entrepreneur and runs a growing business teaching English to children in Dutch primary schools.

Sally admits that she has grown into the idea of conscious parenting. This has come about as her own sense of self awareness has developed over the years. As a result her ideas around how she wants to parent her children have also slowly shifted to match her increased level of consciousness.

Sally also came into contact with Non Violent Communication a few years ago. This has made a radical difference to her own perspective on communication, and it is something that she is passionate about, we will hear more about this later!

Remarkable Nuggets

Everyone is mirroring us all the time

Every time I take a decision my child could make, I’m telling my child that they are incompetent

Non violent Communication lead us to live from the heart

‘ Be Here Now’ and ‘ Be love Now’ – both from Ram Dass


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