O Fred Donaldson – Original Play, Ultimate Grace

O. Fred Donaldson, Ph.D.  is a play specialist internationally recognized for his ongoing research and use of play with children and animals for forty years.  He has coined the term “original play” to describe his work.  He has written the book Playing By Heart and over 40 articles describing his play with children and animals around the world.  He is an aikidoist and consultant to families, educational, social service, health, and environment organizations, as well as corporations and athletic groups.

His playmates include special needs children, gang members and street and refugee kids, prison inmates, cancer patients, dolphins, whales, lions, grizzly bears, wolves, baboons, and butterflies.  He travels extensively but spends much of his year in Sweden, the United States, Poland, and South Africa.  Recent travels include the Czech Republic, Namibia, Brazil, Singapore, Bali, Lebanon, and Bahrain.

What is your experience with original play? Have you ever experience this? share with us how you connect with your children with love, without words

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