Are you parenting a god?

  1. He/she likes to be “wild” and uninhibited
  2. He/she likes to go fast
  3. He/she likes to learn anything and everything. Boredom kills his/her spirit
  4. He/she’s bored at school – He/she might have been kicked out
  5. If he/she is interested in something, he/she is unstoppable
  6. He/she feels and knows he/she is special
  7. Absolute authority -without choice, negotiation or input – doesn’t suit him/her
  8. Rules that we used to follow when children, he/she finds them silly and fight them
  9. Rigid and dogmatic thinking is archaic for him/her.
  10. He/she is a creative thinker
  11. He/she has profound insights
  12. He/she feels like an “old souls”
  13. Adults see him/her as a problem kid, specially dogmatic-old-fashioned adults
  14. He/she is wise beyond his/her years
  15. The old control methods – shout, slap, threaten – do not work with him/her
  16. He/she is a perfect mirror of your spiritual journey – your pains, your hopes, your fears
  17. He/she is very well connected with his/her personal needs. He/she will make sure they are fulfilled
  18. When misunderstood, he/she goes inward
  19. He/she  is a creative problem solver
  20. He/she doesn’t like to follow established ways of doing things
  21. He/she insists –successfully – to sleep with you
  22. He/she insists – successfully – in nursing from you for a long time
  23. His/her birth was the most spiritually expansive experience you ever had
  24. You’ve experience telepathy between you and your child – maybe before conception or during pregnancy
  25. Since his/her birth your life is completely upside-down
  26. Any of your career, academic, life challenges are nothing compared with raising him/her
  27. He/she expand you spiritually, intellectually and physically like nothing/no one else has ever done
  28. He/she is beyond believe resourceful
  29. He/she could easily become an entrepreneur, artist or inventor

How many statements applied to you? Many? Great!  You belong here. You are parenting a god!

Parenting the GodsThe Movement

Great to see you here! Welcome to the leading edge of love!

Parenting the Gods is a movement. We are a community of parents facing the greatest challenge of our lifetime: parenting the gods. We are parents to the greatest wave of innovators history has ever seen. These innovators – our children, our gods – show us every day how inappropriate all the dogmatic and rigid ideas we had are. They expand us every single second! In direction we never ever envisioned we could be expanded.

Because what we knew is no longer useful to build the future, we need to learn really quickly. We need to open our mind. We need to have very high energy in our body. We can no longer neglect our own spiritual transformation. Because of this sense of urgency, we are educating and transforming ourselves for our children and “coincidently” for the future of humanity. We have a profound commitment to go beyond good intention and ACT.

It is about stopping the chain of pain, fear, violence, dogma and other spiritual challenges passing generation after generation. It´s about opening the door towards a future blessed with love, compassion and possibility.

We are building a global community for parents who are ready to take on the teaching of their children: love, compassion, forgiveness, innovation, sharing… We are bringing combining an outstanding group of teachers, from scientists to masters of experience, from spiritual teachers to philosophers.
We are also developing and offering intensive and profound events and experiences. Over the coming months, we’ll be launching new experiences, retreats and events. To be in the know, be sure you are on our email list.

Come and join this global community of parents of the future!


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If you want to write a blog for Parenting the Gods connect with Blanca Vergara at wecare@parentingthegods.com

Come and join this global community of parents of the future!

kids and mamaThe Founder

Blanca Vergara is the founder of Parenting the Gods. She is a mom, a wife, a serial – entrepreneur, author, speaker, web show host, Toltec healer and heart centered business mentor.

She comes from a long lineage of Toltec female healers. Many of the women in her ancestry denied their own power, the healing power of the Divine Feminine. Each one them did so for different reasons: fear, modernity, shame… Blanca did not have any role model showing her how to embrace the extraordinary. So she embraced the ordinary: she joined the hordes of rats in the corporate race to emptiness. She was very good at that. She got many letters after her name. She travelled the world business class. She got promoted to the highest echelons in the corporate world. Until her heart and her soul couldn’t breathe emptiness any longer.

When she left the corporate world she embarked in a spiritual journey. She thought that it was represented by entrepreneurship, but in fact it was completely centered in motherhood.  It was an inner journey, one that brought her

  • From embracing her desire to become a mother to actually birthing in a natural way at home, without drugs and without fear.
  • From letting go of hurry and surrendering to the extraordinary
  • From letting go of external recognition to loving the pain, fear, shame and more all the women in her ancestry

Years ago she came across her mission: to heal the fear of the builders of the heart centered economy. This was a very confusing statement for her. Her first assumption was to support business owners who want to do business from a love stand. It was a joyous ride at blancavergara.com. She mentored hundreds of heart centered entrepreneurs and saw their lives and businesses bloom.

That was terrific until she became a mother. Motherhood brought her a deeper understanding of how our early programming on self-worth is directly linked with how we relate to money and love. In fact, this brought her to a deeper understanding of her own mission:

To stop the chain of fear and pain inherited generation after generation by connecting women with their true power: love

She is now giving hands and feet to this deeper understanding of her reason of existence here at parentingthegods.com. How? Observing her kids, tuning in to her feelings, daring to get into them and translating that into the service she needs to provide to the world.

Blanca speaks regularly both online and life, on how to build a future we are proud of, one of compassion and possibility.

Painting, high intensity interval training, healthy cocking, dancing in the living room and more – with her kids and husband- are the inspiration building blocks for her work.