New Age and Parenting the Gods

When I asked you what Parenting the Gods brought to your mind, one of our readers told me the following,

What comes to my mind when I read “Parenting the Gods” is that you have gone over the edge into seriously deranged New Age territory. Sorry, but you asked.

I was very concerned about his reply. It was not just a matter of replying to him. It was deeper than that. I wanted to answer for myself what would it take to create a Parenting the Gods Movement that went beyond the New Age label. How could we build a movement beyond this and other labels? Because you see, I want to see here a discussion that is inclusive of diverse points of view, a discussion that expands us, for our children, for humanity.

“Coincidently” I came across the following video in one of my favorite sites,

This is an interview with Mark Passio regarding his views on the New Age movement. He’s passionately against it. In fact, he has a 7 hour video where he expressed all his reasons. Curious? You can find it here.

It was very interesting listening for me, because in the past years I’ve adopted many New Age ideas and in fact they have indeed worked for me. So I listened carefully, with a drop of skeptisism.

After listening to Passio, I have a better understanding why many people are (should be) guarded about it.  After listening to him, I have reinforce my intention to open this website to people from “both sides of the aile”, to people with different points of view. Now more than ever, I’m interested in having an open debate, in learning from opposite views.

He particularly inspired me in adopting these two lessons, for Parentign The Gogs and for my life.

ONE: Gain Knowledge, Dare to Seek the Truth

The New Age movement advocates looking at the positive part of life, at the peril of ignoring the rest. Putting your head in the sand like the ostrich cannot be good. That sounds obvious. But we all do it. We take medicines that we don’t understand. Even doctors offer treatments that they don’t understand. We follow what “they” say. We watch television and believe that what “they” say is true. Of course “they” don’t have a reason to lie.

In fact, to gain knowledge we need more. We need to go to alternative sources. We have to read different books. We have to make our own experiments. We have to do our own research. We have to take our own responsibility. It’s not enough that “they” know.

We don’t do our own research because it might imply to find ugly stuff. I can guarantee you, we will find truth that is far beyond pretty. But to know this will empower us to change it.

“One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious. The latter procedure, however is disagreeable and therefore not popular.”

― C.G. Jung

In this community, we shall not assume knowing. We shall not assume that we got all the truth. We’ll investigate, read, listen, question… We’ll remain open to learn, to expand, even if it might make us angry to find out that we have been lied to. We’ll be relentless to gain knowledge, for our children, for our future.

TWO: Transform Knowledge into Wisdom, Dare to Transform your Knowledge into Action

The New Age Movement invites you to sit down and meditate, to attain wisdom.

The Word English dictionary says that Wisdom is,

The ability or result of an ability to think and act utilizing knowledge, experience, understanding, common sense, and insight

It’s not enough to know. In fact, without action knowledge is useless. What we pretend to do in Parenting the Gods is to indeed create a movement. We want to go ahead and take action. That’s why it’s called ParentING the Gods. YES, it’s work in progress.

This movement will be built with action, not just with reflection. I invite you to share with us what kind of decisions, of different decisions, you’ve taken because the knowledge shared here or because of the actions of others.


Let’s go beyond New Age! Let’s go beyond label! Let’s learn. Let’s be curious. And most of all let us transform our knowledge into enlightened and innovative actions for our children.