Natanya Lara – Parenting as a Spiritual Journey

Natanya is a coach who works with mothers to discover and embody their authentic parenting path. She has experienced many different facets of motherhood: being a stay-at-home mom, a full-time working mom, an entrepreneur mom, a married mom, and a solo mom, all of which has deepened her understanding of what motherhood can become. Through these different experiences, she has shed many layers of expectations about what parenting “should” be and embraced parenting as a spiritual journey.

Natanya Lara is on a mission to un-shame the challenges of parenting. She believes that parenting is an intensive (exhausting) spiritual journey, should we choose to accept it. As a certified Parenting Coach, she supports mamas in being present, calm and confident in their parenting (yes, really). When she’s not connecting with amazing moms, you can find Natanya with her two boys, alternately negotiating Lego wars and playing secret agent. She can also be found doing laundry, eating chocolate and meditating.

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