Maleene de Ridder – aMbition with capital M: Medical Profession, Mother and Myself

Are you a doctor AND a mother? Do you have time to be just you?

This conversation is for you! Maleene de Ridder has writen a book on the challenges that female doctors face when they become mothers: aMbition With Capital M

In this conversations, she shares a lot of her insights covered in her book. These insights that are applicable not only to mothers who are doctors, but to professional mothers and their husbands. In other words, here we have a jewel for you!

She writes about her book,

Uncovering and showing women doctors these unseen barriers and biasses has been one of the main reasons for me to write my book. When you are aware of them, you can anticipate and empower yourself. Did you know that ,

  • More than half of all employees do not reflect on where they want to be in 5 yrs careerwise?
  • Women doctors have higher risk to develop burn out than their male collegues? The cause: their multiple roles and workload!
  • Most partners of women drs work at least 80%, whereas most partners of male drs do not work or work parttime…
  • Half of all maternityleaves of women drs are still badly organised/arranged for;
  • In our country mothers and doctors can never live up to expectations as a good doctors is 24/7available, does not sya no (set boundaries) and is physically strong and good mothers do not work more than 3 days, breastfeed and puts her family first.
  • Recent research shows that only 13 percent of all working parents effortless combines work and private life;
  • Working mothers are happier and healthier compared to staying at home mothers and
  • Women experience the motherhood penalty in their career, whereas men get the fatherhood bonus…

Besides clarifying the unseen barriers, my book can be seen as a sort of handbook to develop your own leadership in a world which is still very much organised according to the male rules. It also shows that creating chances and opportunities for women alone is not enough for women in these sort of positions to combine a medical/professional and family life in a fulfilling way. It also demands deliberate changes within the healthcare/medical system.

My book addresses the main areas to develop for leading a full life in which women can balance their professional and personal ambitions. This also demands courage to lead your own life, defining your own roles as professional, as well as mother, making your own choices (and not the usual choices) and not feeling too guilty about it. And finally I plead for making a plan.

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