Karen Thompson – Motherhood and Heart Centered Leadership

Internet is a delightful space! Through it I met Karen Thompson. She’s starting her PhD and would like to explore the subject of Heart Centered Leadership. As you might now Heart Centered Business has been my subject from many years. So we agreed to have a conversation and to record it for her benefit. After the conversation we both thought to share it with you, with the world.

We touched on important subjects that are relevant for the future of humanity, on subjects that are relevant to Parenting the Gods,

  • The survival strategy of men is to have as many children as possible, while that of women is to keep alive as many children as they can. This has tremendous implications in all decision making: business, investing, self-image, etc.
  • The ultimate goal is male vulnerability
  • Don’t take any action until you love the people you’re working with
  • AND much more!

Karen is a profound woman with a great project. This is how she describes her current activities,

Insights gained through domestic and international corporate experience drive our passion to share the cultural, operational, and financial benefits of heart-centered leadership skills for professionals. We welcome opportunities to facilitate growth for leaders and their organizations through individual coaching and group training.


Books mentioned in the conversation,

Marketing to women by Marti Barletta

Woman and Power in History by Amaury de Riencourt