How do I get my toddler to listen?

Do you want your toddler to listen to you?
I have here 8 practical ways to reach this objective.

1. Listen to him
Ask yourself: what kind of adult do I want my child to become?
A bully? Shout at him. A depressed person? Shout at him or ignore him. A compassionate leader? Listen to him

2. Model good behavior
Again ask yourself what kind of adult do you want him to become

  • Honest: tell the truth
  • Creative: paint, dance,
  • Long life learner: read, try something new
  • Leader: take new risks

3. Kneel to her level
The time of the pyramid structure of domination ended. Now we are building a new society where honoring each other means to look at each other eye to eye, and listen to each other heart to heart.
Create a connection, not just with words, but with your whole body.

4. Do not say NO
Look for the real need behind the action: love, learning,
Reduce the causes for you to say NO: poisons, precious objects
When you are tempted to say NO, give 3 other options

5. Give clear, practical and fun instructions
Just saying “no” leaves your child helpless and confused. He doesn’t know what to do. The more “no’s” you say, the more you yell, the least love he feels. Not meeting your expectations can be very deep pain that could last a life time. Creating an insecure person, a pleaser or a rebel.
Play is the best and possibly the only way to learn. Take every opportunity to play, yes, including cleaning up. Tell your children that the box of toys is hungry of them. Tell your children the plates want to go under the shower, while putting them in the dish washer. Create play out of every opportunity.

6. Allow learning
We learn best when we want to learn
We learn best when we can experience
Let him get full of mod, paint, food
Let him fall, let him stand up
Let him learn
Next time he’ll chose to get into the pond , to wear a sweater, to climb…

7. Give choices
When is the time for humans to start thinking, to start choosing? What about now? Stop taking decisions for them, you are telling them they are incompetent.
Start today. Ask your toddler to choose his clothes, his spoon, his book… Involve your child in as many decisions as possible. Teach him that he has a worthy voice.

8. Complement the process, not just the achievement
We want our children to be though leaders, not just pleasers, correct? Well, teach then that the process is what matters. Don’t compliment him just about the result. Compliment him for trying, for thinking about it. Observe what he does, what is the intention. Walk his creative process with him. Invent together.

Add your voice to the conversation! Share with us what other heart centered tips you have to engage with your toddler.

With love,