Great To See You Here

Great to see you here!

Something inside changed and brought me to create a brand new work: Parenting the Gods

For a reason you came by here, so to honor that I would like to share with you my classes on how to accelerate the evolution of humanity. Enjoy!

HealHeal – Your Child is Your Spiritual Healer

Is parenting more challenging than you expected?
Are you angry? Do you yell, punish and it doesn’t work? (compliance doesn’t mean influence)
Does your child push your buttons?
Are you behaving more and more like your mother or father – specifically the way you don’t like?

What if your child was challenging you to try a different approach?

  • An approach different from your elders’ one.
  • An approach out of the books.
  • An approach that will build a bond between the two of you.
  • An approach that will heal all your guilt, worry, fear and pain.
  • An approach that will inspire your child to be the best parent when his time comes.

So this class is for you. Enjoy it here.

This course is for you if,

  • You are wondering if your child behavior is “normal”: breastfeed more than others, wants to sleep with you, seems to read your mind…
  • You would like to build a profound bond with your child – stronger than that between you and your elders
  • You would like to write a different story of love between your child and you – different from that between you and your elders


Clipboard02Mom? Tired, Overwhelmed?

This session is for mothers who care for everyone else but themselves! In this session you will remember what is what makes you lovely. You will fall in love with yourself again and commit to stay in love. You will learn how your children are the perfect mirrors, the perfect spiritual teachers, your perfect guides towards bliss.

After this session you’ll have boundless energy and clarity that will melt your `problems´ away.

During this session you will receive several handouts to take it further afterward:

  • Self-Worth Vow: You’ll sign a contract with yourself to love, honor and respect yourself.
  • Top 12 Self-Worth skills to learn and unlearn: These are the skills that we need to develop to truly own our own power
  • A Daily Ritual: Wishful thinking is useless, you need to change your habits. This Daily Ritual will do that for you. It will bring you from striving to actualizing the life you deserve.

The video course is here.

As you’ll see in the video course, I’m giving you an opportunity to take your self-worth to the next level. If you feel inspired by this course, let’s have coffee!Picture 51

If you feel called, please prepare your conversation here

Looking forward to talking with you,