From No Time or To An Expansive Life

“I have no time” is the number one reason sabotaging important projects in our lives. It’s the number one reason we stop ourselves from enjoying, from building a remarkable life.

In 2009 I made a huge investment in my business. I hired a mentor with the intention of taking my company to the next level. At the same time I had the dream of becoming a mother. It happened immediately after I made this investment. Instead of being delighted, I was terrified. There was surely no time for motherhood, I had to recuperate my investment as soon as possible. Before I could heal this thought I lost the baby.

This was a traumatic experience on the perception of time shortage. I can tell you, right after the loss of my child, I told myself: I do have time! I do have time for happiness, for motherhood, for love, for the life I want to lead. AND the Universe honored my learning. I was granted two children immediately.

So, how can we step above this perception of time shortage?

Well, the easiest way is to have a traumatic experience like mine. Be close to death and profoundly appreciate life. Profoundly appreciate the present moment. Profoundly appreciate what you’re doing NOW, right NOW.

Of course, you can also do it without the actual experience of dead. Ask yourself: Is it true? Is it true that I don’t have time?

Of course the answer, the true answer is I do. I do have time. We all have the same time. 24 hours a day. 1440 minutes a day. We just use them differently. We use them differently based on,

  • How we feel: fear, low energy, angst, anger…
  • The actions that have become habits
  • The story of our life that we keep telling ourselves, thinking that the past assures the future

Can we change this? Of course we can! Of course you can!

I’m going to share with you three ways you can expand the time in your life.

  • Change perspective. Appreciate what you do. Particularly for mothers, it’s difficult to see what we have achieved in a day. Do the laundry, fixed lunch, play with kids… Could it be seen differently? You built the environment where your children thrive. You nourish them. You created unforgettable childhood memories. Once you put appreciation into the mix of your day, you’ll see that the little things will expand in value. Once you add appreciation to your habits, you’ll see how the story of each day will change, how the story of your life will change.
  • Stand up! Stand tall! Do you already feel the difference? When you are happy, full of energy, unstoppable, you use your body in a very particular way: smile, breathe deeply, stand tall, have open eyes! Remember how exactly is for you and use it. When you adopt this body posture, you’ll feel invincible, energetic, and expansive!
  • Get a true commitment on what matters to you. Some people do this once a year and call it “New Year Resolutions”. Well, I propose to you something more profound and something that you should more often, at least twice a year. Certainly you should do it next time you feel that you don’t have time. You should find your musts in life. Those results that you want to see in your life and you cannot live without them. Those results that will make you jump out of bed and create the time to make them happen. Simple example: I MUST have an expansive relationship with my husband. So I find, I create the time to be playful, to say “I love you”, to go out on a date… It’s a must for me. I’m committed!

Of these three methods to expand time, to live a remarkable life, the most powerful is the third one. It is so because it allows you to focus, which in turn allows you to choose faster the shortest way to your destiny. Yes, I have a detail way on how to do this! And I have put it together here for you.

This is not a New Year’s Resolutions exercise. I don´t believe in that. It’s an exercise to set your commitment, your musts, to raise your standards, to connect with your passion. So that you wake up every morning and follow through consistently. So that you live a truly remarkable life.

The Handout for a Remarkable Year (well, life) is here ->

Let me know how this works for you! Let me know what opens for you, what you let go of? Love to hear your voice!