Love Offerings

I don’t want you to have any debt at all and the least with me!

Some of the products and services that I’ve created here are not meant to be sold. They are “heart children”, I mean created out of love as gifts. They just cannot be sold. They need to be given away without expecting anything in return.

So, how to solve this riddle!

Well, I was given the inspiration of “Love Offerings”. These are “things” that you can give me, that would be helpful to me. These “things” are not all material, but all of the valuable to me. I don’t necessarily need to know who gave me what. That’s your choice, if you want to be annonimous or not.

So here you have some examples,

  • A prayer
  • A recommendation
  • A contact where I could speak
  • A bag of groceries for my family
  • A flower
  • A testimonial
  • An Iphone
  • A bottle of wine (White: Sancere, Red: Bordeaux)
  • A bottle of tequila (Tradicional)
  • Art materials
  • An article about my work in your website
  • A cadeu bon of Zsiska
  • …..

I see this as a great solution of our financial problems, our global financial crisis. This way we take out of the equation money.