hand in hand

(Re)Start Enjoying Motherhood. Lighten Your Load! Welcome joy, ease and love in your heart and in your home.

hope and love

Have you lost a child? Are you experiencing mixed emotions from anger to guilt? Let’s transmute all of them into love.

mother daughter

The best person to awaken the Divine Femenine in your daughter is you and the best way to do it is in a community.

pluckJoin us in Our Conscious Parenting Annual Life Event. Once a year we’ll get together to nourish our mind, body and spirit. We’ll renew our perspectives, met friends for life and recharge our batteries.

Lovers embracing on the beach at sundown on Morro Strand State BDo you feel the sparkle might be gone? Would you like to reignite your romance and intimacy? Would you like to rekindle the sexual magnetism between you? Would you like to invent a brand new beginning?

pregnantBeing pregnant brings you to a higher state of conciousness. In the noise of the modern world, we need to quiet down to listen to the miracles of this transformation. Don’t waste this divine opportunity! It’s unique!