Deborah McNelis – How To Boost The Brain Development Of Your Kids

The brain development of your child doesn’t need to be left to chance. You can be an active contributor in his well being. Imagine, contributing to his increased empathy, memory, intelligence, patience, will power, self discipline… Imagine a world full of empathic, loving human beings… AND you have the possibility of contributing to it.

Our dear Deborah McNelis shares with us practical actionable tips on how you can do so. She brings with her the science that explains this great opportunity.

You have a great chance in your hands! You can indeed support your child having a healthier and happier brain – a healthier and happier life. Enjoy!

did you enjoy this video?
I certainly did! Deborah is amazing! and of course the possibility of building a brand new humanity through simple small actions for our children.
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And please let us know, how do you help your children developing their best brain? Food? play? conversations? Share it with us! The more we share the best for our children!

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