Communicate with your little one before words are available


Lepa Todorova is the founder of Baby Signs Belgium. She is an independent certified instructor of the Original Baby Signs program.  She shares with us her passion and expertise on this program.

Original Baby Signs Program is a systematized way to help children communicate through sign language. In fact it’s intended for children who are not mute or deaf. It’s application can be particularly interesting for children who are raised in multilingual environments, even those with language challenges.

In her own words,

“After many years spent in the administration, with an Executive Assistant Bachelor’s Degree, I decided it was time for change or modification of my career path. I wanted to feel really useful, to really contribute to my community and especially families and children.As soon as I heard about Baby Signs, I knew this was what I was looking for and I immediately took contact with the Baby Signs Institute in San Francisco, in the United States and soon after became a Independent Certified Instructor for Baby Signs and started my adventure with Baby Signs.

Nothing thrills me more than being able to work with parents and their babies to improve their ability to communicate with each other long before the baby can articulate words.

Babies understand what their parents are talking about and the world around them at a very young age and by using these simple signs they can show you what they are thinking! I am ready and excited to introduce you to the Baby Signs® Program and to dedicate myself to your success! Join other parents and babies in my upcoming classes and find out what it’s all about! You will have fun and you will learn some very interesting things, but most of all, you will be able to communicate with your sunshine long before you think you would and enhance that parent-child bond essential for your baby’s development.”

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