Jane Bennett – How to celebrate the divine feminine in your daughter

Your daughter is a representation of the divine feminine. How to honor the divine feminine in her?How to honor her? How to guide her? How to connect with her during the teenage years? How to support her healthy self-esteem? Jane Bennett puts together her personal experience, her inner wisdom and her visionary stature to guide […]

Annie Chisambo – Teaching Kids About Money

How is your financial literacy? How is the financial literacy of your children? Annie Chisambo brings to our attention the importance and the ease of teaching financial literacy to kids. She is a mom of two teenagers and has worked in finance for over 20 years. She is author of money matters books. She also […]

77 ways to boost children’s brain development

Hugs Daily exercise Drink water Plenty of sleep Simplify life Play Mindfulness Presence, not presents Balanced, fresh, green diet Play Ask them what they think about this, and that, and that Compassion Creativity Cooperation Play Eat simply Challenges Meaningful conversations Pay attention to him Play Read – YES, you should read! What? Anything! The more […]

Mirror, mirror on my son – Why do children really misbehave?

Can we re-frame children misbehavior? Could it be possible that what we judge as misbehavior has an expansive lessons for us adults? What if children misbehavior was a spiritual gift for us? Consider the following, Do they really misbehave? What is misbehavior? The dictionary says that it is “improper or illegal behavior”. So misbehavior implies […]