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Effective Parenting – Top Expert Advise

I launched this website with the thesis that the only expert on how to parent your child is your child. As I have been learning more and more, with each interview, with each book I read, this thesis has become repeteadly confirmed. So, if that is the case, if just your child can teach you […]

Caroline Cain – Enjoy Adventure AND Motherhood

France, England, Germany, Denmark, Thailand and Australia are forever linked by one woman: Caroline Cain. She is the embodiment of conscious living. She has embraced her dreams of adventure, motherhood and family AND transform them into a reality. In this conversation she share how she has been transformed by motherhood. Thanks to her child she […]

Are you parenting a god?

He/she likes to be “wild” and uninhibited He/she likes to go fast He/she likes to learn anything and everything. Boredom kills his/her spirit He/she’s bored at school – He/she might have been kicked out If he/she is interested in something, he/she is unstoppable He/she feels and knows he/she is special Absolute authority -without choice, negotiation […]

Maleene de Ridder – aMbition with capital M: Medical Profession, Mother and Myself

Are you a doctor AND a mother? Do you have time to be just you? This conversation is for you! Maleene de Ridder has writen a book on the challenges that female doctors face when they become mothers: aMbition With Capital M In this conversations, she shares a lot of her insights covered in her […]

From No Time or To An Expansive Life

“I have no time” is the number one reason sabotaging important projects in our lives. It’s the number one reason we stop ourselves from enjoying, from building a remarkable life. In 2009 I made a huge investment in my business. I hired a mentor with the intention of taking my company to the next level. […]