People We Love

Anneke Wittermans – Beyond the Obvious Power of Breasts

Anneke Wittermans defines herself as a dancer, but she is so much more than that. Once you get in conversation with her, you meet a researcher, a historian and a bit of a mystic. During this conversation we concentrated on the human breasts. We talked about breastfeeding, breast cancer, the guilt of not having been […]

Caroline Cain – Enjoy Adventure AND Motherhood

France, England, Germany, Denmark, Thailand and Australia are forever linked by one woman: Caroline Cain. She is the embodiment of conscious living. She has embraced her dreams of adventure, motherhood and family AND transform them into a reality. In this conversation she share how she has been transformed by motherhood. Thanks to her child she […]

Renee Veldman Tentori

Renee Veldman-Tentori – The Biggest Challenge Of Professional Parents

Are you an expat, a mom and have professional aspirations? Would you like more balance in your life? This conversation is for you! Renée Veldman Tentori is a world traveler, a mom and a professional marketeer.She is the founder of the international network Professional Parents. In this conversations, she shares her experiences and insights on […]

Karen Thompson – Motherhood and Heart Centered Leadership

Internet is a delightful space! Through it I met Karen Thompson. She’s starting her PhD and would like to explore the subject of Heart Centered Leadership. As you might now Heart Centered Business has been my subject from many years. So we agreed to have a conversation and to record it for her benefit. After […]

Testimonial for Nisandeh Neta

Are you a heart centered entrepreneur living close in or close to the Netherlands? and your business has room for improvement and soon? Nisandeh Neta might be doctor’s advise for your business. He’s a power house! He not only knows the techniques of modern business, but has his heart in the right place. Relevant links […]