Conscious Parenting

How to deal with overwhelm

Stress, anxiety, overwhelm… They are constant companions of the modern woman, specially of mothers. They are constant reminders of the value of our time, of our life. We have long lists of things to do and many of those items never get done. The more things we need to do, the more powerless we feel […]

How to get pregnant?

Doctors second my opinion; to get pregnant you need one key element: peace. No matter what age you have. No matter if science will assist your conception or not. No matter your circumstance, there is one common element that all children want in their mother to be. They all want her to be welcoming, open […]

How do I get my toddler to listen?

Do you want your toddler to listen to you? I have here 8 practical ways to reach this objective. 1. Listen to him Ask yourself: what kind of adult do I want my child to become? A bully? Shout at him. A depressed person? Shout at him or ignore him. A compassionate leader? Listen to […]

Sally Edwards – How to talk to your children, so that they open their heart

Sally Edwards is a single mother to 10 year old twins, who offer her the challenge of keeping up with their insatiable curiosity and constant questioning. Alongside mothering she is also an entrepreneur and runs a growing business teaching English to children in Dutch primary schools. Sally admits that she has grown into the idea […]

Two kinds of parents: warnings and examples

Transcript I believe there are two kinds of parents: those ones who are an example and those ones who are a warning. Who are you? Who do you want to be today? Do you want to be an example? Do you want to be a warning? Stand up! Stop procrastination! Take out of the drawer, […]