Birth Choices

Deborah McNelis – How To Boost The Brain Development Of Your Kids

The brain development of your child doesn’t need to be left to chance. You can be an active contributor in his well being. Imagine, contributing to his increased empathy, memory, intelligence, patience, will power, self discipline… Imagine a world full of empathic, loving human beings… AND you have the possibility of contributing to it. Our […]

Aerial Birth

Our dear baby girl has arrived! Magali (from the Greek Pearl) Citlali (from the Nahuatl Star) Making justice to her aerial nature, she literally flew into our life on the 21 of October at 20:15. It was an astounding event. Our birth plan worked out like a charm: it was indeed a HypnoBirthing birth, a […]

Painless Divine Birth After 40

Camilo Axel Schaart was born the 31 from October at 11:05 am. All our life, Bertil and I have wished for a healthy and empowered life. That is to say, we believe in the power of the human body to cure itself naturally. Since we decided to be parents, we initiated a special research on […]