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Attention: Courageous Mothers Ready for A Peaceful, Powerful and Loving Relationship with their Children Right Now!

Fed up with arguing, yelling and worrying at home? 21 days to creating the most peaceful and loving home

Imagine: Raising your children so effectively that both of you grow – and not just you two, but also the rest of the family

Dear guilty mom,

wallI know you have a mission. You are hear to empower the movers and shakers of the future: your children.

So why are you still yelling, arguing and worrying?

If you are like many mothers, it is because you are struggling with expectations: how they owe to be, to behave, to speak…. You are struggling with your expectations, the expectations of your spouse, the expectations of your own mother, the expectation of society…

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • I feel frustrated because as much as I love him, I cannot seem to find the right words to get him to behave how I expect
  • He knows how to push my hot buttons
  • He frees and encourages my inner critic
  • I am doing everything the ‘experts” tell me… but I still feel guilty and sometimes exasperated
  • I wish I could break the cycle of nagging, yelling and despair AND enjoy these magical years.

You are not alone

Let me shine a ray of hope into your family darkness…

It is NOT your fault. You are not doing anything “wrong”.

Today’s children are very different than before. Old theories do not suit them. You see, your child came here – to your house – with a higher purpose. He is here to expand your capacity to love. He is here to break walls of impossibility. He is here to inspire you to be the change, be the last person in your family tree carrying anger, worry, fear…

You can stop perpetuating painful, inefficient and outdated parenting patterns and open the future for love and possibilities.

And start having peace, harmony and compassion at home AND in your heart AND with your past.

Harmony at at home will the norm when you change your inner world, your relationship with your inner child and with your inner mother.

Join us for a magical 21-day experience,

Take a stand for only having love and compassion in your life!

Imagine having the power to…

  • Feel a good mother no matter what is going on in your home or with anyone else (give up your approval seeking and putting your self-worth in the hands of others)
  • Embrace your mother completely (go beyond forgiveness and appreciate her story, her challenges, her heritage and most of all her daughter)
  • Become a role model (embody who you are called to be. Work on your dreams, not just  for you, but for your child)
  • Love yourself, first (put your self-respect, happiness and dreams first, without apology)

No, this is not about going to the spa or getting your nails done.  Or doing yoga once a week.

This is about committing to YOURSELF above anyone else.

An unapologetic stand for your choices – regardless of what anyone else says.

A vow to yourself to…

  • Be Love – Stop repeating, victim-hood, survival, reaction
  • Own Your Own Story and forgive yourself and anyone else in your story
  • Value your work, your choices and your love as a mother
  • Allow Love to flow into your life

How is that for a vow?

It’s good and powerful. Your Divine Right.

I know! Over the past 10 years, I decided to

recover my love essence and become happy and wealthy in love

I know how to do this – I have helped hundreds of people around the world do it too – and now…

I am ready to share with you how I broke the chain of pain and became wealthy in love

It’s time to break down the barriers, rewire the negative beliefs and start experiencing the miracle of embodying love

Join us!

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A 21-day daring journey to creating your happiest and most loving life yet.

I invite you to join us for a one big detox of fear, worrying and judgment about love so you can live the life you always wanted.

By the end of the 21 days, you will.

Understand the blessings and lessons of your past – so you stop making the same mistakes and repeating the same patterns.

  • Take a stand for the kind of mother you really want to be and settle for nothing less
  • Eliminate suffering around your parenting choices
  • Release the fears of the future of your children
  • Bust through limiting beliefs keeping you from peace
  • Stop having non-loving reactions and start taking self-empowering, self-loving choices
  • Take down the walls that keep you from a great relationship with your child
  • Make loving yourself a reality, not just a nice theory

While I cannot promise you that your child will change – that in fact, is quite likely

I can promise you that you will leave this 21-day course,

  • Free from the chain of fear, worry and anger
  • More in love with yourself, with your mother, with your ancestors and with your child
  • Able to transform all your relationships into expansive and loving ones
  • Creating relationships that bring you great happiness and growth
  • Empowered to take decisions from pure love, self-love
  • In peace and with infinite energy (aka love)

Get your seat, today!

You cannot do it alone! None of us can! Which is exactly why I created this 21-day retreat for mothers who are ready to

Give up worry, anger and guilt

and get ready for a loving and fabulous future, Now

for less than the cost of a cup of coffee a day…

Day 0: Who were you? What was your story?

Uncover your current love story and love strategy.  Uncover how your past is touching your present. Transform it into the fuel for a brand new future

Day 7: Re-feel your relationship with your child

What has he come to teach you? how can you keep learning from him for the rest of your lives?

Day 14: Be your love essence

Make the promise to love and honor yourself first. From this new code of love your entire life will change and of course your relationship with your child.

Day 21: Claim your happy life

Write your new love story and make your powerful love strategy

Register now and you’ll Receive this 21-day transformational course, including…

4 Wednesdays “Be The Change ” Sessions with Blanca— A woman who has transformed every relationship in her life, has been on a spiritual and self-love path for 10 years and who has REAL answers and processes that work. Every Wednesday for 3 weeks, you’ll receive a 75-minute audio recording including my best teachings, interactive exercises, and powerful tools to empower you being the change.

Daily Practice to Be Your Love Essence— One of the most powerful actions you can take (yet one that few people actually do) is a short morning practice based in love. I call it a “Be Love Ritual” In less than 3 minutes you can shift your entire day by starting with Love. I’ll show you how.


Daily emails that deliver everything you need and keep you focused, on track and having fun. Everyday I’ll visit you with with that day’s recording, video or inspiration – so you can keep on the 21 day journey no matter where you are in the world as long as you have access to email. Easy as pie!

A one-stop website that includes everything: every audio, video and more that you’ll need broken down by week. You will get the content in easy to use formats, so that you can listen to it whereever you go – car, jogging, cleaning…

Access to the 21-Day program forever, so you can take it as many times as you want! After the program completes, you’ll get access to a link that allows you to start and take the course anytime you want!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I participate even if I can’t listen to the sessions on Wednesdays?

YES. All the sessions are available online, so you can download and listen to them whenever you have time. We recommend making a 90 minute date with yourself on Wednesdays, or whatever day you decide to listen to the audio sessions – call it “Sacred ME time” – and keep those dates no matter what. And if you have to break the date, reschedule ASAP. Self love is a practice.

What if I start and can’t finish the 21 days?

As a paid registrant of the 21-Day Choosing ME before WE adventure, you’ll have 24/7 lifetime access to all the materials. You can repeat the 21 days as many times as you want on your own.

What if I go on vacation or have to travel during this time?

This 21-Day Self-Love Adventure goes wherever you go! You can participate from anywhere in the world, as long as you can access your email. And even if you can’t, you can tap in when you plug back into the grid. Or you can download the live calls and listen to them on the plane (or the beach!).

What if I have a busy schedule?

Then you definitely want to sign up! The 21-Day Be the Change Adventure will show you how to put you first – your agenda second.  The 21 days have been built to expand your life, not to become another item in your agenda.

Get your seat, today!


Life changing!

In life you meet many people but only very few have the power to change your life.
Blanca has this power, and this is maybe because she does what she likes to do in life, and she does it very well. Only in one hour I saw her touching the heart of more than one person, all with different backgrounds, nationalities and ages.
Whether you work for a company or have your own business, there is a lot you can learn from Blanca.

She is such an inspirational and intelligent woman, that I consider my self lucky that she crossed into my life.”

Carina Bravo Plancarte


kids and mamaAbout Blanca Vergara, MSc, MBA, Life Coach – Author – Speaker

Blanca Vergara is the founder of Parenting the Gods. She is a mom, a wife, a serial – entrepreneur, author, speaker, web show host, Toltec healer and heart centered business mentor.

She comes from a long lineage of Toltec female healers. Many of the women in her ancestry denied their own power, the healing power of the Divine Feminine. Each one them did so for different reasons: fear, modernity, shame… Blanca did not have any role model showing her how to embrace the extraordinary. So she embraced the ordinary: she joined the hordes of rats in the corporate race to emptiness. She was very good at that. She got many letters after her name. She traveled the world business class. She got promoted to the highest echelons in the corporate world. Until her heart and her soul couldn’t breathe emptiness any longer.

When she left the corporate world she embarked in a spiritual journey. She thought that it was represented by entrepreneurship, but in fact it was completely centered in motherhood.  It was an inner journey, one that brought her

  • From embracing her desire to become a mother to actually birthing in a natural way at home, without drugs and without fear.
  • From letting go of hurry and surrendering to the extraordinary
  • From letting go of external recognition to loving the pain, fear, shame and more all the women in her ancestry

Years ago she came across her mission: to heal the fear of the builders of the heart centered economy. This was a very confusing statement for her. Her first assumption was to support business owners who want to do business from a love stand. It was a joyous ride at She mentored hundreds of heart centered entrepreneurs and saw their lives and businesses bloom.

That was terrific until she became a mother. Motherhood brought her a deeper understanding of how our early programming on self-worth is directly linked with how we relate to money and love. In fact, this brought her to a deeper understanding of her own mission:

To stop the chain of fear and pain inherited generation after generation by connecting women with their true power: love

She is now giving hands and feet to this deeper understanding of her reason of existence here at How? Observing her kids, tuning in to her feelings, daring to get into them and translating that into the service she needs to provide to the world.

Blanca speaks regularly both online and life, on how to build a future we are proud of, one of compassion and possibility. She is the author of Women Work Wonders.

Painting, high intensity interval training, healthy cocking, dancing in the living room and more – with her kids and husband- are the inspiration building blocks for her work.