Are you parenting a god?

  1. He/she likes to be “wild” and uninhibited
  2. He/she likes to go fast
  3. He/she likes to learn anything and everything. Boredom kills his/her spirit
  4. He/she’s bored at school – He/she might have been kicked out
  5. If he/she is interested in something, he/she is unstoppable
  6. He/she feels and knows he/she is special
  7. Absolute authority -without choice, negotiation or input – doesn’t suit him/her
  8. Rules that we used to follow when children, he/she finds them silly and fight them
  9. Rigid and dogmatic thinking is archaic for him/her.
  10. He/she is a creative thinker
  11. He/she has profound insights
  12. He/she feels like an “old souls”
  13. Adults see him/her as a problem kid, specially dogmatic-old-fashioned adults
  14. He/she is wise beyond his/her years
  15. The old control methods – shout, slap, threaten – do not work with him/her
  16. He/she is a perfect mirror of your spiritual journey – your pains, your hopes, your fears
  17. He/she is very well connected with his/her personal needs. He/she will make sure they are fulfilled
  18. When misunderstood, he/she goes inward
  19. He/she  is a creative problem solver
  20. He/she doesn’t like to follow established ways of doing things
  21. He/she insists –successfully – to sleep with you
  22. He/she insists – successfully – in nursing from you for a long time
  23. His/her birth was the most spiritually expansive experience you ever had
  24. You’ve experience telepathy between you and your child – maybe before conception or during pregnancy
  25. Since his/her birth your life is completely upside-down
  26. Any of your career, academic, life challenges are nothing compared with raising him/her
  27. He/she expands you spiritually, intellectually and physically like nothing/no one else has ever done
  28. He/she is beyond believe resourceful
  29. He/she could easily become an entrepreneur, artist or inventor

How many statements applied to you? what would you add?