Let’s make this your best year ever!

I have here put together my favorite tools I’ve used every year to make my life remarkable, a life worth remembering, a life worth living.

Download here your Appreciate and Let Go 2013 – Create 2014 Handout

This is not a New Year’s Resolutions exercise. I don´t believe in that. I believe in commitment, in musts, in standards, in passion, in that which will make you wake up every morning and follow through consistently.

Answer these questions with your gut, with your heart. Feel the answers! Remember what happen. Connect with what’s unfolding. I PROMISE your life will be completely different with this New Year Creation method.

And to increase the value, create accountability for yourself SHARE your answers with at least 5 friends who will not let you off the hook.

Why? It’s much easier to keep the commitment, the momentum when you have an audience, when you are surrounded by love and support. Create this own “Board of Directors”. You’ll see your results coming to reality faster than ever.

This has been a charm for me for years. I would love to see how it transforms your life,

With Love and Light,






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