Anneke Wittermans – Beyond the Obvious Power of Breasts

Anneke Wittermans defines herself as a dancer, but she is so much more than that. Once you get in conversation with her, you meet a researcher, a historian and a bit of a mystic.

During this conversation we concentrated on the human breasts. We talked about breastfeeding, breast cancer, the guilt of not having been able to breastfeed, the benefit that the breast bring to people (specially men) and much more!

She brings to our attention the sacred nature of breasts. This was so inspiring to make! I´m sure it will also touch your hearts and lives. She made it relevant for everyone: breastfeeding moms, not breastfeeding moms, women with cancer, men, daughters… She shared with us another perspective of our divine nature and how to honor it. Enjoy!

Here you have some beautiful ancient images of the Divine Feminine for diverse cultures. As you see in all of them the breast take predominant place.





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You can find Anneke´s work here,

Mammae het voedende principe

Enjoy this video and let me know in the comments what has been your spiritual experience with breastfeeding, with breast cancer, with breast in general!

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Have a great time these Mother Day! Enjoy!

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