Aerial Birth

Our dear baby girl has arrived!

Magali (from the Greek Pearl)
Citlali (from the Nahuatl Star)

Making justice to her aerial nature, she literally flew into our life on the 21 of October at 20:15.

It was an astounding event. Our birth plan worked out like a charm: it was indeed a HypnoBirthing birth, a natural birth, a sacred birth, even a ecstatic birth.

We had some welcome surprises: she was not born in water. It was so fast that I could not make it to the birth tub. It was so fast that we couldn’t call the midwife. So her dad became a midwife in a split second. I was standing when she was born and her father had the honor to catch her in her remarkable aerial entrance into this world.

This staggering event was possible thanks to the support and wisdom from innumerable sources. We would like to give our special thanks to innovative thinking and powerful advise of Marie Mongan, Laure Capelle, Dr. Verny and Joseph Chilton Pearce, we were able to welcome with calm and love our flying lady. We are eternally thankful to them.

Love and light,

Bertil, Blanca and Camilo