2014 Theme: Unstoppable

Already for decades I give a theme to each year. This allows me to focus my attention and inspires me to keep on walking. In fact, it’s so powerful that it even speeds up my decision making.

foto 1Last year I was doing this exercise in the hospital, where my 2 months old baby was fighting for her life. I can tell you that influenced me ‘a bit’. Well, that truly changed my life. In fact, I could say that it was the main reason why I set up this website.

So, last year’s theme was “Surrender to Divine Will”. Last year was a year centered in Personal Development and Intimacy.

Last year was a year of private, intimate achievements.

  • From all the learnings in the hospital to relactation
  • From learning to ask for help to falling in love with cleaning
  • From breastfeeding to managing my emotions during my toddler tantrums
  • From opening my heart to learn from my mother to creating the most heartfelt art ever

It was an intimate and private year. It was a tremendously expansive period.

juntosYou know, I dreamt of being a mom. I dreamt of loving and being loved. For years and years I did not open my heart to those possibilities, because I wanted to be smart, fast and hard. I saw that as a complete impossibility, as the greatest miracle in the Universe. In 2013 it happened. As a consequence I was stuck. I was paralyzed by success. I didn’t know how to move, where to go, what I wanted! I needed a brand new vision of the future.

2013 served me to set that: a new vision of the future. I realized that I want to be just like the woman in the photo. I want to be very old, around 120 year old, healthy, happy grandma. I want to be role model to my children and grandchildren. I want to model energy, openness, compassion and creativity.

ageing gorgeously2To be true to this vision, the first step was to let go of being “smart, fast and hard”. So, it was easy to stop with my advisory business for entrepreneurs. That business gave me a lot. It showed me that my real power is not hard, it’s soft. It showed me that my real power is not fast, it’s in Divine Time. It made me connect with the pains and fears that we all have. It made me more compassionate than I ever been. Perfect time to let go of it.

After closing it, it was easy to decide to put all my strength in healing humanity through parenting, through this new platform.The “simple” fact of being a mother compells me to take action. I cannot learn on my own. I cannot not share my learning. I cannot not share all the techniques I got to transmute fear, guilt and other negative stuff into powerful love and compassion. I just couldn’t stay in the side lines.

This has filled my heart with passion and I feel literally unstoppable. I feel that all what I’ve learned before was meant for this challenge. I feel that now the future begins. Once again my inspiration is my daughter. Just like you see her here is what I call unstoppable. Joy, love and courage!

foto 1That is the theme for 2014: Unstoppable.

I will measure that I actually accomplish it when

  • I own my own power. When I take action based on my knowledge, my intuition and my values. When I take action based on my left brain, my right brain and my heart.
  • My actions come out of joy. When life is joy, joy, joy!
  • I experience myself as a giver. When I give much more than I expect to receive in return, in all areas of life.
  • I daily condition myself to take practical and inspired action.
  • I celebrate the blessings I receive. When I link tremendous joy to progress.

Inspired? Want to have your own version?
Here you have the questions, I used,

  • What do I ultimately want in my life? How do I ultimately want to be? Who do you want to be in your death bed? – This is your Vision of the future. Is it compelling enough? Make it so! This image will make you jump out of bed every morning. This image will show you the difference between “cake” and “carrots” in every decision.
  • What do I want in my life right now? How would I enjoy myself being in the coming year? That’s your year theme. Again, make it compelling!
  • How do I do it, not just conceptually, but actually? How does your theme look like? Find a photo that expresses it. Hang it where you see it every day.

All the best for 2014! Love, light and laughter!