11 Tips To Be A Happy Mom During The End Of Year Parties And Don’t Die In The Attempt

My children are driving me crazy. My husband is having so much fun. How come? He’s so relaxed. He’s so chilled. There is so much to do. We need to clean. We need to send Christmas cards. We need to cook, to bake, to wash, to iron… Everyone needs a shower. The children are crying. I cannot find anything. We are late…

How can I be happy now?

I’m going crazy!


Laugh! Laugh! Laugh!

Look around. It’s not that bad, isn’t it?

Hug your children. Hug your husband. Give yourself a big smile, even a big hug.

  1. Find a solution. Create an option. If you burn the cake, get some cookies out of the pantry. If you are late, call and announce the delay or just laugh when your family and friends start arriving and find cover in flower, still wearing jeans.  The recipe didn’t turn out to be how you wanted it, think this is the way you wanted it to be.
  2. See what is and embrace it. This is the way life is and indeed it’s wonderful. You have a terrific reality. You got wonderful children. Look at all their qualities. They are curious, entrepreneurial, persistent, loving, creative…
  3. Relax. The relaxed and chilled stance of your partner is also something to learn from. How can we enjoy a party if we are tense? Start the party before the party starts. Think you are partying from the moment you are choosing the recipes, from buying the ingredients, cooking…. Enjoy the whole process.
  4. Make the chores part of the fun of the party. Involve the entire your children in the whole process.  Ask everyone which recipe they prefer. Let the baby play with the flower. Let your toddler decorate the cookies. Let the teenager take care of an entire course. Make it fun!
  5. Change your point of view to theirs. We adults tend to take the wonders of the world for granted. See what they see from their stand, listen, smell… You’ll find a world full of wonders: your face on each Christmas ball, glitter in your hands and other miracles your child will show you.
  6. Slow down. Create a buffer of time and in this season make it bigger. If your normal cushion was 10 minutes, now make it 30 minutes. Don’t get frustrated if you are delayed. Everyone is on the same boat.
  7. Don’t take your discipline too seriously. Remember that these days are a continuous party. Your parenting rules could not 100% apply these days. Relax! One more chocolate or loud singing are part of the fun.
  8. Chose for simplicity. Chose the simplest recipes. Chose the most child friendly outfit. Chose unbreakable decoration. Easy is the name of the game now. Think ahead: could this be broken, stained or otherwise damaged? Does this take a lot of time? Just don’t do that.
  9. Get help. Set in your budget to pay for external support. This is great also because you contribute to the financial wellbeing of the family of that helper. You’ll keep the flow of abundance.
  10. Expect chaos! No explanation needed. Parties and family is messy, is creative and is arduous. This will be nicer when you accept it, appreciate it and embrace it.
  11. Be mindful. These parties constitute a big part of the childhood memories of your children. They are the smells, the feelings, the flavors that will accompany them for the rest of their life. Make it memorable. Make it fun.

Family parties are chaotic, exhausting and messy! But that’s what life memories are made of. Enjoy it!

What are your top tips to enjoy this season? I would love to read them, please comment below

Photo by Rebecca Anne