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Renee Veldman Tentori

Renee Veldman-Tentori – The Biggest Challenge Of Professional Parents

Are you an expat, a mom and have professional aspirations? Would you like more balance in your life? This conversation is for you! Renée Veldman Tentori is a world traveler, a mom and a professional marketeer.She is the founder of the international network Professional Parents. In this conversations, she shares her experiences and insights on […]

Maleene de Ridder – aMbition with capital M: Medical Profession, Mother and Myself

Are you a doctor AND a mother? Do you have time to be just you? This conversation is for you! Maleene de Ridder has writen a book on the challenges that female doctors face when they become mothers: aMbition With Capital M In this conversations, she shares a lot of her insights covered in her […]

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